Nitesh Pandey
2 min readMay 24, 2020

In this, you will learn how to properly use tomnom nom httprobe

STEP 1: To use the tomnomnom httprobe you need to have a list of subdomains.

So, now you have the subdomain list and you need to find out which of the domains are live and which are down

It divides into two phases first you will run cat command to see all the subdomains are present. so suppose you run cat subdomains.txt you will get the result of all the subdomains present in that file in your terminal

cat subdomains.txt

So now you have seen that the file contain all the subdomains on which you need to find which domain is up and which domain is down you can simply run the following command and get the result.

cat subdomains.txt | httprobe

So you can see that for all the live subdomains it shows the result.

Suppose if you want to increase the speed of httprobe because you have 1000 of subdomains you can easily do it using the -c flag and the complete command looks like

cat domains.txt | httprobe -c 50

Sometimes you want to see only the https result not the HTTP result so you can easily do this using the flag -prefer-https the command

cat domains.txt | httprobe — prefer-https

If you still face any issue you can see the video on youtube if it does not solve the issue you can always reach out to me on Linkedin and twitter