Nitesh Pandey
2 min readMay 30, 2020

Nowadays how careless people are shows by these leaks and how 3rd party websites that taking the data like aadhaar is handling it last weak several reports come that Indian aadhaar card data was leaked and was curious to know about what the leak contained.

So, I decided to take a look and do the complete research on what that data contains, and the most important thing i was thinking as a citizen is my data was also in the leak.

The most difficult task is to find the source where data was uploaded so i started to see the dark web and also asked few researchers to help me in finding the source and by midnight i found the source of the dataset.

So let us see how it was uploaded on the website.

Indian Aadhar leaked data

So you can see in the above image that the data is of about 3 gigs and So i just downloaded the data set for further research

Upon opening the folder i saw that the data was definitely not breached from UIDIA. Instead, it has been leaked by the 3rd party website who was taking a scanned copy of aadhaar for verification purposes.

After further verification, it seems that all the card details are of people from Gujrat.

Let us see a screenshot for details

So, nothing to worry about the data leak contains front side of aadhaar details so any malicious user cannot achieve much.

But as a privacy concern its not good someone can use it in different manners.