a) apktool
-) AUR package: yay -S android-apktool
b) dex2jar
c) jd-gui
d) jadx
e) adb
-) sudo pacman -S android-tools
-) I personally would recommend installing android-studio (it comes with the SDK — including all platform-tools)
o) sudo pacman -S andriod-studio
f) bettercap
-) sudo pacman -S bettercap
g) dnSpy
-) .NET decompiler (in case of Xamarin Apps)
h) enjarify
i) apk decompiler for lazy: https://github.com/b-mueller/apkx

===================== 1) MANUAL STATIC ANALYSIS ==========================

o) adb shell pm list packages (list all installed packages)
o) adb shell pm path…

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