a) apktool
-) AUR package: yay -S android-apktool
b) dex2jar
c) jd-gui
d) jadx
e) adb
-) sudo pacman -S android-tools
-) I personally would recommend installing android-studio (it comes with the SDK — including all platform-tools)
o) sudo pacman -S andriod-studio
f) bettercap
-) sudo pacman -S bettercap
g) dnSpy
-) .NET decompiler (in case…

True caller denies breach after data of 4.75 crore Indians appear on the dark web

Last month there was some news stating that True Caller Data was breached. Actually

  • Truecaller user’s data are for sale on the dark web.
  • Personal data of Indian Truecaller users are available for about Rs 75,000 and those of global users are available for 25,000 Euros.

After the news come…

Nowadays how careless people are shows by these leaks and how 3rd party websites that taking the data like aadhaar is handling it last weak several reports come that Indian aadhaar card data was leaked and was curious to know about what the leak contained.

So, I decided to take…

In part 1 we have covered basic of API and Learn the basic difference between soap and rest API.

Now let us take a quick look at the WEB SERVICE COMPONENT before we move forward and see the real hacking methods.

Basically there are three web components that are used…

In this series, i will be teaching you my methodology of hacking API. I will share all my knowledge that i learned in the past 3 years and make 1000 dollar hacking web applications and mobile API.

Let's get started…………….

In this series, i will tell you from the very…

In this, you will learn how to properly use tomnom nom httprobe

STEP 1: To use the tomnomnom httprobe you need to have a list of subdomains.

So, now you have the subdomain list and you need to find out which of the domains are live and which are…

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install OWASP amass using go lang

So let us see how to install amass into Linux and ubuntu system.

The first thing you need is you need to install golang in your system and we can easily do it using the…

Nitesh Pandey

I am security researcher and penetration tester.You can follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/NiteshYours and Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/osintnites

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